Innovative Church

About Us

Our Aims and Objectives

 Our aim is to be a one-stop shop and showcase of ideas for Catholics who wish to live their faith in the 21st century and beyond.  We can no longer look institutionally to engage our children and grandchildren in intentional living in a faith-oriented life.

Our objectives:

  • To be an informative global resource to all groups seeking changes in “Church”
  • To encourage and engage all groups interested in reform to post-event invitations projects underway along with a project plan for others to learn from and potentially replicate so that all may know the momentum beneath the surface
  • To offer robust opportunities to engage with others, support their projects, and exchange ideas that benefit all in achieving the common good.

We see this site as a “gift” to the Church, the People of God, offering information to all interested in the evolution of the Church, as we know it. The institution is changing and changing more rapidly than ever before.  Some are disappointed either in the changes that have occurred or have a heavy heart that the Church is not changing fast enough.

Our focus is the faith we share in common, its beauty, its durability and its value on service to relationships.  Given that relationships are the core subject of Scripture, we are adopting Pope Francis’ many invitations for all to learn dialogue skills.  Toward that end we have developed a Facebook page to encourage conversations, comment on news items and share topics of interest.


There is power in numbers and learning from one another.  There is power in Circle, an aged tradition where people exchange lived experiences, and opinions to build relationships and collaborative solutions that move us from being diligent disciples to becoming intentional APOSTLES.

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