Innovative Church

Parish and Small Church Communities

By Robert K. Moriarty

Like little green shoots, small church communities are emerging all over the Catholic parish landscape. They are one of the more promising pastoral initiatives at work in U.S. parishes today. In an individualistic and consumerist culture, whose spirit in some respects infects the very way we do parish, S.C.C.’s are an appropriate response to the challenges of doing parish in our time. Small church communities, or small Christian communities, as they are also known, represent an effort by harried and tarried American Catholics to reweave or strengthen the ties that bind—to God, to one another and to the larger common good.

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We are Catholic Christians who love our community of faith and want it to nourish and enrich the world in which we live

We believe that the People of God deserve to understand more about the evolution of the Faith. Toward that end, we realize that progress is happening at a grassroots level but that many are unaware of the possibilities. With these realities, The Innovative Church was born.

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