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The American Catholic Council hosts the first-ever U.S. Peoples Synod

August 5, 2019
Contact: Janet Hauter: 847-366-2761
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Pope Francis consistently invites the people to engage in church. The American Catholic Council (ACC) has enthusiastically accepted his invitation. Change in the Church is already happening, albeit slowly to the naked eye, and we want to accelerate that change. “We are organizing this initiative to respond to the rumblings of the Spirit to the call of Vatican II, where the People of God were finally recognized as church.” said Janet Hauter, Chair of the ACC. “Actualizing the faith in our lived experiences is our work and the people is who we choose to help.”

The mission of the Synod is to celebrate the wisdom of the People; to discover the path to “be Church as the People of God” (Vatican II), and to engage in the Peoples’ influence to share our lived grassroots experiences faithfully as a form of local needs assessments. Recognizing there is no “one solution” applicable to all, the diversity of people, needs and issues opens up greater potential for solutions grounded in reality.

The vision and teaching of Vatican II was sabotaged by efforts of re-interpretation, re-explanation and revision but through Pope Francis are now currently being received. Fulfilling this prophetic vision, the Peoples Synod offers training in a method of small group listening that sees a leader in every chair allowing all to hear one another respectfully, allowing all perspectives to grow honoring the dignity and perspectives of all.

The Peoples Synod seeks clear, realistic, attainable solutions at the grassroots level that are respectful of the different voices of the same Spirit. From such respectful honesty will organically emerge the Reign of God here and now.

“Vatican II recognized the People of God but did not follow through on this vision. If an ‘upside-down pyramid’ is going to happen we need to give it form. This Peoples Synod will send forth people to listen to one another in small gatherings. These gatherings in the aggregate – in all their honest and respectful diversity -- will develop into a trusted means for discerning a sense of the faithful” said Clyde Christofferson, a member of the Synod planning team.

Join us for this first-ever, history-making event where the People of God create a new paradigm of faith built exclusively upon Gospel values. As Pope Francis works to change the institution, our role is to work within our communities to serve the needs of others as servant leaders, bottom up. Doing this demands that we live intentionally using our gifts for service to others, especially in these chaotic times where brutality of word and deed are the new cultural norm that destroys our national citizenship, our communities and our relationships. We are better than that.


Register at; Baltimore, MD; Inner Harbor, September 27-29, 2019; 

$300/person; $350/couple; $150/student; $150/religious, and $105 daily rate.



Ad Sum, a Latin phrase for “I am present”, is generally used in response to a roll call. In these chaotic times, where a mean-spirited culture is changing us (unbeknown to us) analogous to placing a live lobster in a pot turning up the temperature slowly until the lobster is dinner. Globally, we are being “cooked”; we appear to believe this negativity with rhetoric so inflamed, it leads to physical and violence.

There is agreement that “something needs to be done”, but specifics rarely arise. Rarely does a solution arise with associated action. The hypocrisy of culture-blaming allowing us to unconsciously adopt its behavior, language and violent rhetoric and action causing us to become what we hate.

Read more: AD SUM

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