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Hope for our future

I have had many such "events" where I felt God was walking with me and was at my side in my life's journey. One such event was our adoption of our Third World daughter. We heard of this child through a third party whose sister was planning to adopt this child but who needed to withdraw her desire because her husband, a recovering alcoholic, had begun drinking again.

I unconsciously noted this announcement on a flight to Belize, Central America, making it an interesting sidebar note. After several meetings with dignitaries as we prepared to develop a clinic and childcare facility, I went as a strategic planner to assist a team to develop a feasibility plan. The meetings went well until I found myself waking one morning filled with tears--obviously from a dream I had. The dream was about the child I'd met whose adoption wish had just failed. The message in my dream shockingly was "If not YOU, then WHO?"

I was unable to get the idea of adoption out of my head but realistically, it made no sense. I was 57 and my husband, 60. The short story is that we went ahead and went to the Mayo Clinic for a full physical and report to the adoption agency we were using.

We called out to God asking for a sign; since we never had a recognizable sign in the past. The following day the child's birth certificate came over the fax. The child's name is Hope Faith Lamb and her birth mother's name is Grace. We needed no other evidence that God was with us in this journey.

Janet Hauter

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