Innovative Church

The Bible is not the end of the story

I just want everyone to realize that the Bible is not the end of the story - it is the preamble and the story - chapter by chapter is still being written - evolution and transformation require diversity - physical, mental, social or cultural - that everything and everyone is part of the struggle to achieve the fullness of life - and each individual - every animal, plant and conscious human person is a part of the story - we all have our own stories and they are part of something much larger than we can imagine. What story do you tell - and add it to the mix. Looking backward we can see the transformation of life through the stories - of war and peace; of light and darkness; of life and death. But the Gospel teaches us that in the long term light overcomes darkness and that live overcomes death - and we are all part of that grand story still unfolding. Peace my friends and enjoy the summer.  

Fr. Charles Bolser, a retired Viatorian priest Arlington Heights, IL

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